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As most you know, the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders is a huge part of my life. My passion runs so deep for this company because it continues to offer a positive alternative to the cheerleading world. FCC has produced some of my life’s greatest memories as a cheerleader and has given me a platform to continue that in the lives of so many girls as a coach.

My life was forever changed by this company and I believe in the mission as I watch this ministry change lives every year!


I am asking for you to prayerfully consider partnering with me to support such a positive athletic atmosphere so that more lives can continue to be changed for His glory. Please consider supporting a company that is making a positive IMPACT in our world.  



Donation Opportunities

Please help support our cause
Donation Amount
$1,000.00 Donors
FCC4Life needs 10 Donors at this $1,000.00 Level!
$500.00 Donors
FCC4Life needs 20 Donors at this $500.00 Level!
$250.00 Donors
FCC4Life needs 50 Donors at this $250.00 Level!
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FCC4Life needs 100 Donors at this $100.00 Level!
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#FCC4LIFE – 2019 Campaign
Fundraising Page

In 33 years of ministry FCC has hired over 2000 college students and worked with over 5000 coaches and 100,000 cheerleaders.    If just 3.5% FCC Alumni Campers, Coaches and Staffers will join our 2019 campaign we can reach our goal.

All funds will be used for the following designated

* Securing LED screens for events

* Vision Casting Trips to 50 of the top churches who use
sports as an outreach

* Additional Staffing Personal for projected growth

* Funding for continued development into our Impact Haiti

PICK YOUR DONATION LEVEL BELOW! Together we will make a HUGE difference! 

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Jana Conrad $100.00
Gloria Bird $1.00
Gloria Bird $1.00
Dr. S. L. Sherrill $1,000.00 2020 Annual $1000 Legacy Gift
Malcolm Cunningham $1,200.00
Susan Clark $500.00
Joy Bryant $100.00 We love FCC!
Amanda Beery $100.00 Love this ministry ! #FCC4LIFE
Jana Conrad $100.00
Sydney Kudlac $25.00
Christun Bellard $25.00
Mackenzie Edmond $25.00
Jordan Mc Daniel $25.00
Jana Conrad $100.00
Ashley Jo Marsalis $100.00 #FCC4LIFE
Nicole Kittrell $25.00